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March 14th, 2016 by jayq

Bring It On actress, Eliza Dushku, proves to be the same wild and adventurous babe in real life. It’s like some case she will take no matter what the risk just like the role she played on the hit TV series Tru Calling. Having control over things is her best skill and even if this ain’t some scene she has to relive because she wanted to change the course of its fate, she’s taking a huge risk getting seen in public while having her tight round ass plowed. She simply doesn’t care even if she’s being filmed and strangers are starting to take notice and watch closely. Who in their right minds wouldn’t go hot and horny at the sight of this, yeah?

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A gorgeous sexy chick out in the ope, enjoys getting her tight ass fingered and banged, reading about already gives me a hard on. And the fact that she’s so damn game about the whole thing, spreading her cheeks for her fuck buddy to easily penetrate that hole, is all sorts of wild. I dunno what it is about this chick that whatever outfit she is in, she just oozes with such an appeal that will grow rocks inside your pants. And now this video which broke the boundaries of getting wrapped up in sweat shirts and jeans to getting naked in public while having anal sex. She’s full of surprises, alright!

Eliza Dushku’s Lesbian Love Affair With Sarah Michelle Gellar

April 30th, 2010 by duck shoot

Now we all loved Buffy and this dark-haired vampire hunter hottie, but what we didn’t know is that another vampire slayer had her eye on Eliza Dushku too!  Did we say her?  Yes, because now at last we can reveal the lesbian love affair between Eliza Dushku and Sarah Michelle Gellar!  It’s Buffy and Faith sitting in a tree, and we’re drooling all over them and their nubile bodies!

Now relationships stemming from starring on a TV series together isn’t uncommon, but what these two have is sheer hotness! Separately they’re both the sexiest vampire hunters on TV, but together their relationship will make you want to cream in your pants until there’s no cream left!  I mean this is every fanboy’s fantasy come true, this is Faith and Buffy getting together for some muff munching and titty twisting.

And that’s part of what you’ll see here with our posting of three sizzling pics from this hot lesbian couple.  You’ll see Eliza Dushku and Sarah Michelle Gellar lustily curling up naked on the couch; you’ll see both of them attending some party, and Sarah’s wearing some sort of bondage get-up with her tits exposed; and you’ll get to see this couple acting all sweet outdoors by a lake.

They clearly love touching each other and having their titties mash together and I clearly love looking at these pics over and over again!  And if you want to follow the love affair of Faith and Buffy, then just click on this link, and you’ll get even more proof of this Sapphic pairing!

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Can’t get enough of the sultry vampire slayer? Well look no further and we got more of Eliza Dushku’s hot and revealing photos and this time we have uncovered a huge load of her explicit naked photos where Eliza not only displayed her succulent tits and fine, round ass… but she was spreading her legs and gave that smoking pussy some nifty exposure as her playful hands part those pussy lips and now all of mankind can get to see how pink and wet her muff is. Watch Eliza get into several provocative and seductive poses with her beautiful naked body flaunting before the camera while getting all fired up and kinky with her cunt. And now you guys can get to see all of these hot pussy pictures of Eliza plus many more when you visit Eliza Dushku Naked today and get a load of more surprises waiting for you there.

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Aside from the fact that Eliza Dushku drives a black Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 and is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, we discovered that she has this little dark secret she can never deny and I say that this Hollywood hottie loves to play with herself alone inside her house or in the comfort of her bedroom while someone takes snapshots of her naked with legs spread wide and her delicious wet pussy stuffed with an assortment of dildos! I say Eliza has this very unique fetish for taking photos of herself while masturbating or pleasuring her hungry pussy with dildos but it’s too bad that those explicit images of her is now out in the open and we are privileged to share each and every single picture we have in our collection for all of you!

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Brace yourselves for more raunchy fun as we give you not only Eliza’s nude pictures but we also have a big collection of her steamiest and sleaziest porn photos of her enjoying the cock like a hungry slut out to get her dripping love holes stuffed and filled with hard male meat pumping in and out of her. You’ll be surprised to see how Eliza can be a total nympho with the way she humps and fucks while she spreads her long, sexy legs in all positions just to get that mighty rod working deep and hard inside her! It was a good thing that all of these smokin’ hardcore photos of her landed in our hands and we are glad to share them all to you!

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Now before you go scampering like wild dogs in heat, let me remind you that these hot nude pictures of Eliza Dushku are just samples from a bigger collection of her photo sets that we have gathered up and around cyberspace. It is indeed a dream come true for all of you horndogs out there longing to see your favorite Hollywood babe taking it all off and displaying her gorgeous pair of tits and that smooth, juicy pussy for all of mankind to enjoy. Seeing Eliza spreading her legs and parting her pussy lips with her naughty hands can get you a woody in no time and you are going to end up unzipping your fly and jerk that aching prick until you explode your cum wad all over the place.

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